What should I wear to Bungee ? We recommend that you wear 3/4 or full length exercise leggings or jogging bottoms (you can get very warm in these though). Wearing padded cycling shorts over these can be helpful if you find after one class the harness is uncomfortable.... expect to get a few bruises at the beginning....

Bare Feet and Trainers are not allowed on the grey studio floor for health and safety reasons

Yoga or Trampoline socks with the grippy bottoms should be worn
These can be bought from us

A long top that covers the stomach, as when flipping the harness can ride up.

Please ensure you have no loose clothing or dangling jewellery as this can get trapped especially when you are upside down !!

Weight Limits ?   we have a limit of 7.5 stone  47.5 kilos   up to 16.5 stone 104.5 kilos  This has been set by structural engineers when the studio was surveyed and the equipment installed

Is there an age limit ?... no.. as long as you are inside the weight restrictions

Should I bring a drink ? Yes, you can keep your drink alongside you during class 

What happens if I am late for class? Unfortunately at night, we have to lock the fire door, this happens 10 mins before the start of a class, so please allow plenty of time.

We spend the first 5 mins of a class harnessing up so this can be used as grace time FOR DAYTIME CLASSES ONLY but any time after this we will not be able to let you in.

If you know you are going to be late (stuck in traffic etc) please call the studio 

Cancellation and Refunds We need 48 hours to be able to transfer to another session. This gives us the opportunity to offer the session to someone who is on the waiting list.

For refunds WE NEED 7 DAYS NOTICE BEFORE THE START OF THE COURSE/SESSION and there is an admin charge of £3 per person

If a cancellation/transfer of a class/course has been made, the refund policy is no longer valid.

We use an online payment processor who charge for every transaction. It can take up to 10 days for them to process a refund request. Payments you make to us take from 7 to 10 days to arrive in our bank